Queensland Heelers


Is a Heeler the right dog for you?

If you are looking for a life-long companion, a partner in working livestock, a guard dog, hiking/ tracking buddy, a Australian Cattle Dog may be your ideal choice; however if you do not have more then a few hours a day and/or plan on having a backyard pet, you should refrain from obtaining this breed.

Australian Cattle Dogs are known around the world for their good nature, endurance and overall willingness to keep their master happy. They are both versatile and intelligent, being capable of performing many different jobs with and for their human companions. When you couple their trainability, sharpness and knack to problem solve with their medium build, general breed health and ease to care for, you come up with a delightful addition to ones family.

We raise Queensland Heelers because we love to work with sharp minded animals that are devoted to pleasing their owner, doing so with loyalty and affection found in very few breeds. If you are a first time owner be aware that once one is hooked, they rarely if ever own a different breed of dog again.

We have temporarily stopped breeding.

When we resume breeding we will update this page, advising when our next litter is expected. We will continue to assist those that need to rehome dog(s) and/or need assistance with a dog they already own - please visit the contact page and send an email.


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